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QC Overhead Crane with Electromagnetic Beam

(QC Overhead Crane with Electromagnetic Beam)

QC Overhead Crane with Electromagnetic Beam
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Overhead crane with electromagnetic beam is a specialized crane for lifting and moving steel products, steel plates and steel pipes. This crane is constituted by girder, traveling mechanisms, lifting trolley, electric parts and electromagnet spreader. The electromagnetic suction force of this overhead crane can last 10 minutes after power off. And the shape of electromagnet spreader could be customized bases on the shape of materials to be lifted.

There are 2 types of electromagnet spreader: electromagnetic chuck and electromagnetic beam. And electromagnetic beam can also be 2 kinds: non-rotating beam (vertical or parallel to main girder) and rotating beam (Upper beam or hanging beam).

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 Capacity t 7.5+7.5 10+10 16+16 17.5+17.5
 Span m 28 28 28 28
Work duty A7 A7 A7 A7
Max. lift height m 12 16 16 16
Lift speed m/min 12.9 11.9 12 12
Trolley speed m/min 42.7 38 37.9 39.8
Crane speed m/min 100 91.3 114 114
Hoisting motor power KW YZR280M-10/55 YZR315M-10/63 YZR355M-10/90 YZR355M-10/90
Trolley traveling power KW YZR200L-8/2×15 YZR160M2 YZR160L-6/11 YZR160L-6/11
Crane traveling power KW YZR200L-8/2×15 YZR180L-82×15 YZR225M-8/22×2 YZRM-8/22×2
Magnet weight kg        
Trolley weight kg 14280 14980 16.23 16.50
Crane weight kg 54280 62865 89.5 100.6
Max. wheel load KN 240 280 39.0 40.6
Rail recommended kg/m 38.43 38.43 QU70 QU100
Power supply AC 3P 380v 500Hz 380v 50Hz 380v 50Hz 380 50Hz


Lifting Capacity Span Lifting Height Work Duty Lifting Speed Crane Traveling Speed Trolley Traveling Speed Total Power Track
t m m   m/min m/min m/min KW 43kg/m    or    QU70
15 22.5~34.5 16 A6 13.2 36.7 101.4 63
A7 15.8 36.6 103.9 79.5
20 22.5~34.5 16 A6 12.6 36.2 89 71
15 A7 15.8 42.8 103.9 94.5
32 22.5~34.5 15 A6 12.5 37 87.3 111.3 QU70
16 A7 15.1 43.3 104.3 135.5 QU80
40 22.5~34.5 16 A6 11.7 37.5 87.3 128.5 QU100

You can choose it or you tell us your working conditions and our engineers will recommend you the suitable according to your actual situation.

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