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Ladle cranes (Ladle Handling Cranes) are designed to be operated efficiently, uninterruptedly and safely in continuous use. The design conforms to the requirements of international standards.

Because of a higher risk level, special safety features are designed for the ladle cranes that transport molten metal. The main hoist mechanism includes four independent rope reevings, double service brakes on primary shafts, and backup brake acting on the rope drum. Rope equalizer beams are provided with a dampening unit to slow down equalizer beam tilting in case of wire rope failure. An upper emergency stop limit switch is also used in the main hoist. In addition to this overload protection, the ‘emergency stop’ system bypassed from PLC, derailment supports, main hoist overspeed supervision, and end limit switches are automatically standard features of the equipment.

Weihua Ladle Crane, we provide customers with many conveniences

Bringing convenience to our customers, promoting their working efficiency and decreasing your costs is our long commitment to the crane industry.

1. Mother-child trolley to realize the unmanned automatic hanging ladle and save the cost.

2. The overall design is with lightweight and compact structure.

3. Low height, light self-weight, small hook limit, large working range.

4. High quality parts, durable, safe and reliable.

5. Less maintenance and repair costs.

6. Small total crane power and low energy consumption.

7.Any technical problems will be solved as soon as possible.

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What is a ladle crane ?

The ladle crane (Ladle Handling Cranes) are used to transport molten steel ladles in foundries and steel mills. Foundry cranes are superior performance cranes operating in both high temperature and high amount of dust environments. Almost all parts of ladle cranes are designed to work under more difficult conditions compared to other cranes.

What is ladle in steel plant ?

In steel: The ladle. An open-topped cylindrical container made of heavy steel plates and lined with refractory, the ladle is used for holding and transporting liquid steel.

What is a ladle metallurgy furnace ?

A ladle metallurgy station (LMS) or ladle metallurgy furnace (LMF), as it is also called, is used to refine molten steel into specialty grades while remaining in the ladle.

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How to design ladle crane ?

Designing ladle cranes in steel mills requires topographical drawings of the factory, planning the transportation routes of the cranes, and customizing cranes of suitable specifications according to different factories. But all these seemingly complicated things will be very simple to complete the design under the technical guidance of Weihua.

Ladle Cranes introduce

Weihua has the ability to design and manufacture material handling equipment for every link of metallurgical enterprises, from raw materials, coking, sintering, iron making, steel making, steel rolling to finished product warehouses.

The ladle handling cranes is the main lifting and transportation equipment in smelting workshop and continuous casting workshops of the steel plant, it is mainly used for lifting liquid metal (mixing molten iron and receiving molten steel). The working environment is harsh, high ambient temperature, heavy dust level and extremely working duty. Safety and reliability always come first with  WEIHUA ladle handling cranes because it is used to transport molten steel.

The main structural forms of Weihua Ladle Cranes:

Casting ladle crane, Steel mill ladle crane is the common form of ladle crane. There are many kinds of ladle cranes in steel mill metallurgy.

Weihua steel ladle cranes generally include: double-beam double-rail ladle crane, four-beam four-rail ladle crane, four-beam six-rail ladle crane, etc. Double-beam double-rail ladle crane and four-beam four-rail ladle crane are generally used for medium and large tonnage casting cranes, four-beam six-rail ladle cranes Generally used for extra-large tonnage casting cranes.

Ladle Handling CranesLadle Handling CranesLadle Handling Cranes

Design Advantages of Weihua Ladle Cranes :

The Weihua Ladle Crane is designed to operate efficiently, uninterruptedly and safely in continuous use. Due to the high level of risk, special safety features have been designed for ladle cranes:

1. It adopts Siemens PLC and Siemens inverter for control and drive. At the same time, Profinet is used for communication between PLC and inverter. It is equipped with communication detection function, which can detect the working status of each station in real time.

2. A monitoring system is installed to monitor the working status of the crane in real time.

3. The hoisting mechanism of the ladle crane adopts redundant system design to ensure the safety and reliability of lifting liquid metal.

ladle cranes

4. It is with wireless transmission and electronic scales, real-time transmission of the weight of liquid metal.

5. Each crane is designed with an electric room, and an electric fan or AC unit is installed in the electric room to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the electrical equipment.

6. ladle crane hoisting mechanism adopts the planetary reducer structure. If one motor fails, it can still complete the lifting work in a short time.

7. Frequency control, smooth lifting and less impact.

Ladle handling crane FAQ :

1. What is the difference between bridge cranes and casting cranes used in the metallurgical industry?

Weihua Crane Engineer Said: Overhead cranes refer to general overhead cranes, while metallurgical casting cranes usually work in harsh environments with high temperature and high dust, and the working level is high. At least the main hook and auxiliary hook must be set for casting cranes. Can be used for special conveying of hot metal or molten steel.

2. How should I choose a double-beam double-rail ladle crane, a four-beam four-rail ladle crane, and a four-beam six-rail ladle crane?

Weihua Crane Engineer Said: The ladle crane structure forms mainly consist of four-beam and four-track double trolley, four-beam and six-track double trolley for crane load capacity over 200 tons and double-beam single trolley, and double-beam main and auxiliary trolley for crane with work load below 200 tons.

Casting cranes with work load above 300 tons adopt the overall large reducer model, which improves the stress situations of the main trolley, avoids the disadvantage of excessive pressure on the main trolley, and can obtain a smaller left and right limit of the trolley and  improves the safety and reliability of the lifting mechanism.

Small and medium-sized casting cranes can adopt double-beam and double-track single trolleys, double trolleys, main and auxiliary trolleys. With advantages of light deadweight, small size, and large limit size on one side.

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Why choose Weihua Ladle Handling Crane?

1. Founded in 1988, Weihua Group has more than 6,800 employees, including more than 600 professional designers and 30 professional designers of casting cranes. Casting cranes are the company's key competitive products;

2. The group is committed to the manufacture and research and development of cranes, and has obtained 1011 authorized patent certificates, including 104 invention patents, ranking first in the industry; it has participated in the formulation of 119 international standards, national standards and industry standards.

ladle cranes

3. Weihua has the largest combined processing workshop of 60,000 flat cranes in the industry in the world, and has advanced production equipment such as full CNC blanking equipment, large CNC milling and boring machines, robot welding production lines, large workpiece annealing furnaces, and automatic spraying equipment;

ladle cranes ladle cranes ladle cranes ladle cranes

4. The company's foundry crane products have nearly 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing, with advanced manufacturing technology and strict inspection procedures;

5. The domestic market share of products with a lifting capacity of more than 300T is more than 80%, and the total domestic market share of casting cranes is more than 50%;

6. It is a long-term partner with well-known enterprises such as ArcelorMittal, Baosteel, Angang, Shandong Iron and Steel, CCID, Northern Copper, Jiangxi Copper, China Aluminum International, and China Aluminum. Weihua Cranes have provided services to more than 130 countries around the world. Weihua has been provided over 200,000 sets cranes for the iron & steel.

ladle cranes ladle cranes ladle cranes ladle cranes

ladle cranes

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