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Foundry Overhead Crane

(Foundry Overhead Crane)

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Foundry Crane

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Foundry crane (Foundry overhead crane)  is one of the main equipments in the continuous casting technology of  steelmaking.

It is mainly used for pouring melted iron from additive bay of converter to converter; lifting molten steel from refining bay to refining furnace or lifting melted steel from molten steel bay to ladle turret of continuous casting machine.

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The main structure of Weihua foundry crane:

The overall structure of foundry crane has the following forms:

①.Dual-beam dual-track,

②.Four-beam four-track,

③.Four-beam six-rail structures.

Double girder double track single trolley form is generally used for small-tonnage foundry crane under 160 tons, consists of trolley, bridge, crane and trolley traveling mechanism and electric control system, etc.

Four-beam four-track trolley is generally used for medium and large tonnage foundry crane, 100 to 320 tons. Consists of main trolley, auxiliary trolley, crane traveling mechanism, bridge and electric control system.

Four-beam six-track double trolley is generally used for large-tonnage foundry crane-lifting more than 320 tons; its structure is similar with four-beam four-track double girder trolley. The main purpose is to solve the problem of large pressure of the main trolley wheel to improve the stress state of the main trolley frame.

Weihua Foundry Crane are designed to be operated efficiently, uninterruptedly and safely in continuous use. The design conforms to the requirements of international standards.

Because of a higher risk level, special safety features are designed for the Weihua Foundry Crane that transport molten metal. The main hoist mechanism includes four independent rope reevings, double service brakes on primary shafts, and backup brake acting on the rope drum. Rope equalizer beams are provided with a dampening unit to slow down equalizer beam tilting in case of wire rope failure. An upper emergency stop limit switch is also used in the main hoist. In addition to this overload protection, the "emergency stop" system bypassed from PLC, derailment supports, main hoist over speed supervision, and end limit switches are automatically standard features of the equipment.

Features Of Weihua Overhead Foundry Crane:

As the working environment of foundry crane features high temperature and dust, it puts forward much higher requirement for the crane reliability and safety than universal overhead crane. Especially, the safety issues of the foundry crane should be concerned, because once the accident occurs, it will lead to great losses and even a serious and fatal consequence. It can be said that the foundry crane safety level is the highest among overhead lifting equipment for it takes several safety protection designs in the crane structure and components.

The safety designs in the weihua overhead foundry crane structure and components include:

1.Since the casting crane needs to complete the function of pouring molten iron, the casting crane must at least be provided with the main hook and the auxiliary hook. The main hook is a gantry spreader with two plate hooks, which is used for lifting and transporting molten steel ladle or molten iron tank; the auxiliary hook is a forging hook or plate hook, which is used for dumping molten steel, molten iron or other items for lifting.

2. Foundry cranes work in harsh environments with high temperature and high dust. Weihua foundry cranes take heat insulation and radiation protection measures on the main beam, sub-main beam, electrical room, and reduce the influence of external heat on its baking;

3. Taking into account the special working conditions of the foundry crane, the motor power supply adopts a redundant design. When one of the motors or one set of electronic control devices fails, the other set of driving devices should be able to complete a working cycle at the rated lifting capacity.

Foundry overhead cranes are the key products of our steel mills. After more than 30 years of development, our customers have spread all over the world and become a trusted manufacturer of foundry overhead cranes. Our cranes include foundry overhead crane, teeming crane, foundry crane, forging crane, Casting cranes. The foundry overhead crane tonnage includes 50ton--800ton foundry overhead crane and 50ton--800ton forging crane. Believe that we will become the most trusted forging crane manufacturer and Casting crane factory in the world.

Foundry Crane is also called Ladle Crane, it is large casting lifting equipment on lifting and dumping steel ladle in foundry workshop, frequently used in high temperature, high dust and related harsh conditions, with high safety performance and high working-level, generally divided into dual-beam dual-track, four-beam four-track or four-beam six-rail structures.

Double girder double track single trolley form is generally used for small-tonnage foundry crane under 160 tons, consists of trolley, bridge, crane and trolley traveling mechanism and electric control system, etc. 

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