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500 ton gantry crane

(500 ton gantry crane)

500 ton gantry crane
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  • Weihua double-girder hook heavy-duty gantry cranes are suitable for open-air freight yards for general loading and unloading, hoisting and lifting.
  • The running mechanism of large and small cars adopts three-in-one reducer, which is convenient for maintenance.
  • Various safety measures such as high wind alarm, anti-shaft breakage and anti-overturning are complete.
  • The lifting capacity is 500 tons.





Weihua's 500-ton heavy-duty gantry crane has a maximum span of 230m and a lifting capacity of 500 tons. Widely used in industrial and mining, transportation, transportation, engineering construction and other construction, storage yards, freight yards.

With the experience and knowledge of millions of cases, Weihua provides you with the safest, most stable and highest level according to your different needs and operating environment with the absolute advantages of the leading technology, the largest scale manufacturing and fast delivery in the lifting industry. A full range of cost-effective heavy-duty gantry cranes, and can be customized according to your individual needs to meet your various applications, improve efficiency and save costs for you.

Weihua heavy-duty gantry crane family: there are L-shaped single-girder hook heavy-duty gantry cranes, engineering hook gantry-type heavy-duty gantry cranes, self-lifting heavy-duty gantry cranes, shield heavy-duty gantry cranes, double-girder U-shaped cranes Hook heavy-duty gantry crane, rubber-tyred container heavy-duty gantry crane, rail-mounted container gantry heavy-duty crane, MGK100 tire gantry heavy-duty crane, gantry heavy-duty crane--beam lifter, gantry heavy-duty crane--beam shifting machine, shipbuilding heavy-duty gantry crane, double beam Hook heavy-duty gantry crane, storage intelligent heavy-duty gantry crane, single-item dam-top heavy-duty gantry crane, two-way dam-top door heavy-duty gantry crane, two-way double-turn dam-top heavy-duty gantry crane, heavy-duty gantry crane-yacht handler and many other varieties.

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