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Join the steel giant! Weihua Crane went to Chongyang to help the world's largest steel group

Date: 2021-08-10 13:07:43 Source: Weihua Crane

Weihua lifting as

ArcelorMittal Ukraine Branch

Fourteen high version cranes provided

The installation and commissioning work has been successfully completed

Currently fully operational

ArcelorMittal Group

Is one of the world's outstanding steel manufacturers

In the use of steel in automobiles, construction, household appliances and packaging

Occupy a leading position in the world

This time

Weihua Co., Ltd. provided ArcelorMittal Group

Fourteen cranes

All adopt big brand high specification system and frequency converter

Independent design and manufacturing completed

It is a veritable "high-end version" crane

Some parts of the crane in this project use brands

The project Zhongweihua Crane

Mainly serving the Ukrainian branch of ArcelorMittal Group

New steelmaking workshop

250 tons of casting crane used in steelmaking foundry workshop

80 ton double girder bridge crane is used in the transfer workshop

25 tons of electromagnetic hanging beams are used in the finished steel billet warehouse workshop

Weihua technical advantage

1. Low height, light weight, small hook limit and large working range.

2. High-quality, high-quality outsourcing parts, durable, safe and reliable.

3. The total vehicle power is small and the energy consumption is low.

4. Frequency conversion control, stable lifting and small impact force.

5. Product maintenance and repair costs are low.

Weihua employees conduct product use training site

Weihua is deeply plowing the domestic crane industry at the same time

Actively respond to the national "One Belt One Road" initiative

Strive to open up the international market

Committed to building the largest marketing service system in the lifting equipment industry

The successful delivery of the ArcelorMittal project

It is Weihua relying on the development of the national grand strategic plan

It marks that Weihua has achieved

Milestone achievement

Weihua will promote Chinese manufacturing to the international market

Contribute one's own meager strength

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