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WEIHUA CRANE-Gantry Crane for Subway Construction

(WEIHUA CRANE-Gantry Crane for Subway Construction)

WEIHUA CRANE-Gantry Crane for Subway Construction
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With the rapid development of the economy, population and the rapid growth of motor vehicles, many cities have emerged a serious 'urban disease' - a large traffic jam. Subways come into being. Because the subway is comfortable, fast and convenient, it is becoming an important parts of transport in many urban cities.

With the fast development of subways, the construction machines, especially the cranes, are becoming an important role for the subway construction. Weihua has rich experience and many project cases on subway construction gantry crane.

Subway gantry crane for slag handling is used for subway tunnel construction. This crane is mainly responsible for the construction of the subway tunnel, lifting the dregs excavated by shield excavator to the ground. Features of subway slag gantry crane:

◆ variable span, improve crane utilization;

◆ cantilever detachable, more practical;

◆ running fast, high work duty, high efficiency;

◆ high lifting height;

◆ with special tilting spreader with automatically tipping.


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