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Quenching Crane

(Quenching Crane)

Quenching Crane
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Equipment introduction

     Weihua quenching crane is a special hoisting machine used in the quenching and heating process of vertical well metal heat treatment. It is used to quench large workpieces or slender parts. Quickly immerse them in quenching liquid to complete the quenching and heat treatment work. Quenching cooling medium is brine, water or mineral oil. In order to ensure that the workpiece can obtain the ideal heat treatment performance, the quenching process requires that the hot workpiece needs to be quickly immersed in the quenching pool to ensure the uniform metallographic structure on the upper and lower parts of the workpiece, and to avoid the oil surface burning during oil quenching.
The lifting mechanism of Weihua quenching crane has the functions of rapid descent, accurate positioning and braking during operation, and has the function of emergency brake release in the event of an accident, so as to avoid fire during the quenching process.


① Wire rope adjustment device

The hoisting mechanism adopts a single-drive double-drum structure, which can ensure the synchronism of the lifting of the double lifting points, and is equipped with a wire rope adjustment device, which can quickly level the spreader.

②  Anti-sway technology

The whole machine is equipped with rigid guide column and horizontal guide wheel device, with anti-sway and precise positioning functions.

③  C-type hook special spreader

Equipped with a special sling for C-type hooks for quenching. Multiple C-type hooks are assembled with removable pins. The connection position is set on the side, which is convenient for later maintenance and effectively improves the hoisting space.

④  Intelligent control system

The control system is equipped with wireless remote control and ground central control, using big brand wireless communication equipment to realize the information interaction between the remote control station and the driving, with remote control and automatic control modes.

⑤  High precision positioning

The positioning system adopts absolute encoder and position detection switch, which can automatically correct and avoid accumulated errors to achieve high-precision positioning.

⑥  Safe and efficient

The control system receives the instructions sent by the upper system and realizes fully automatic operation.

Product advantages:

① Safe, stable and well balanced;

② Large range of speed regulation, high lifting and lowering speed, electronic control core is matched with international big brands;

③ Easy maintenance and high cost performance.

Product Specifications:

Because the quenching crane is a non-standard product, the needs of different uses and different environments are different, and the product specifications are customized as needed.

The basic specification range of Weihua products:

Lifting weight: 32t~350t

Span: 20m~34m

Lifting height: 15m~36m

Lifting/lowering speed: 20m/min~46m/min

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