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coil handling crane

(coil handling crane)

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Equipment introduction:

Coil handling cranes are mainly used for transfer and palletizing of steel coil products in steel mills.

Weihua steel coil handling crane has an intelligent handling system for steel coil warehouse. On the basis of the traditional handling system, it uses information technology, network technology and sensor technology to add management layer, control layer and basic layer to the handling system to realize lifting and handling. The intelligent and unmanned comprehensive management system of the warehouse area can realize unattended warehouse management, active scanning and identification of vehicles, intelligent identification and handling of steel coils, and real-time visualization of inventory program control.


 ① Visual identification system:

Accurate positioning of vehicle information and steel coil scanning and identification to realize intelligent unmanned automatic loading and unloading vehicles and safety protection of operating areas

 ② Anti-sway technology:

Automatic storage, smooth and efficient handling process

 ③ Data cloud platform:

Visual warehouse management scheduling system + warehouse data management system + intelligent production line scheduling system + equipment status monitoring system, which can be connected to all intelligent warehouse management systems

Product advantages:

①  Safe and stable, fast and stable, good balance;

②  Intelligent, anti-swing, target positioning, convenient operation;

③  The working speed can be as high as 150 m/min, accurate and fast;

④  It can be replaced with other various types of spreaders to flexibly achieve a variety of application purposes;

⑤  Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for controlling and monitoring the crane;

⑥  The crane can be controlled by radio remote control or in the engine room;

⑦  The electronic control core is matched with international big brands;

⑧  According to needs, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic configuration options can be selected;

⑨  Can provide remote service guidance to quickly solve various problems;

⑩  Energy saving and environmental protection, convenient maintenance and high cost performance.

Product Specifications:

Coil handling cranes can be customized according to different environments and operational needs.

The basic specification range of Weihua products:

    Lifting weight: 2t~100t

    Span: 17m~39m

    Lifting height: 5m~23m

    Working level: A6~A7

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Technical Specifications
Lifting Capacity t 16+16
Span m 26.5
Lifting Height m 7
Work Duty   A7
Speed Lifting m/min 1.2~12
Crane Traveling 6.2~62
Trolley Traveling 20.6
Power KW 315
Max Wheel Load KN 295
Recommand Track QU100
Power Supply 3 Phase A.C.50Hz 380V

You can choose it or you tell us your working conditions and our engineers will recommend you the suitable according to your actual situation.

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