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100 Ton Overhead Crane

(100 Ton Overhead Crane)

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The 100-ton overhead crane is a kind of electric drive overhead crane. It is a hoisting equipment that is horizontally placed over workshops, warehouses and stockyards for material hoisting.
Weihua 100-ton bridge cranes generally adopt double-girder design, including QD type 100/20-ton hook crane, YZ type 100/32-ton hook bridge crane, 100/20-ton new hook bridge crane, QB 100/30 ton explosion-proof hook bridge crane and other specifications.

With rich industry knowledge and experience, Weihua provides you with the safest, most stable and most cost-effective products according to your different needs and operating environments with the absolute advantages of industry-leading technology, largest-scale manufacturing and fast delivery. Weihua 100-ton overhead cranes full range of cranes and customized services.

Weihua QD type 100/20 ton hook crane is mainly used for various indoor workshop lifting operations. According to the utilization level and load status, there are two working levels, A5 and A6.

100 ton overhead crane100 ton overhead crane


Features of Weihua QD 100/20 ton Hook Crane
①The entrance direction of the cab platform is divided into three types: side entrance, end entrance and top entrance;
②The cab can be installed at the left end or at the right end;
③Trolley can use safety trolley wire or angle steel for conduction, either on the opposite side of the cab or on the same side of the cab;
④The operation of the crane is all completed in the driver's cab.

Weihua YZ type 100/32 ton hook bridge type casting crane is the main equipment in the continuous casting process of steelmaking, mainly used for lifting and transferring liquid ladle;

100 ton overhead crane


Weihua YZ type 100/32 ton hook bridge type casting crane features
①The crane has novel structure, advanced technology, safe and reliable, economical and durable, and simple maintenance;
② There are various functional schemes such as rotatable spreader, variable gantry hook, load weighing and display.

Weihua 100/20 ton new type hook bridge crane is a kind of crane structure designed to adapt to the development of modern industry by adopting the principle of serialization, standardization and modularization, and using modern intelligent digital design technology.
The new double-girder bridge crane is a set of crane structure designed to adapt to the development of the industry by adopting serialization, standardization and modular design theory, using modern computer technology to assist design, and introducing advanced technology.
Lightweight design concept of crane: Considering the comprehensive benefits, the crane minimizes the height of the shape, simplifies the structure, reduces the self-weight and wheel pressure, reduces the height of the entire building, makes the building structure lighter, and reduces the cost of crane use.
The design of the crane fully considers the improvement of electric drive and control. Perfectly combine automation technology and mechanical transmission technology, and apply advanced microelectronic technology, power electronic technology, and fuzzy control technology to mechanical drive and control systems to achieve automation and semi-automation.
Optimize the mechanism of the crane, beautify the appearance of the product, simplify the mechanism, and improve the processing and manufacturing conditions. The structure of the crane product is novel, the layout is reasonable, the mechanism transmission is efficient, stable and durable, the product is easy to process, and the production efficiency is improved.

100 ton overhead crane


Features of Weihua 100/20 Ton New Hook Overhead Crane
①Light weight, small wheel pressure and low headroom, effectively saving the cost of the workshop;
②The hook limit is small, the working area is large, and the coverage is wide;
③ Fewer transmission links, high transmission efficiency, and low failure points (less);
④High-quality parts, low maintenance and long service life;
⑤The whole machine has variable frequency speed regulation, stable starting and braking, safe and convenient use;
⑥The power of the whole machine is small, which can effectively save energy resources such as electricity;
⑦New materials, new technology, combined with its own strength and processing conditions, carefully crafted;
⑧Various options: hook anti-sway, double brake-----

Weihua QB type 100/30 ton explosion-proof hook bridge crane is used in places where combustible gas or vapor and air form explosive gas mixture, and is suitable for lifting operations in hazardous areas.

100 ton overhead crane


Weihua QB type 100/30 ton explosion-proof hook bridge crane features
①The explosion-proof performance of all motors and electrical appliances of QB type explosion-proof hook bridge crane conforms to GB3836.2-2000 "Explosion-proof Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environment Part 2: Flameproof Type "d"", and the performance of the whole machine conforms to JB/T5897-2006 According to the standard of "Explosion-proof Bridge Crane", it has obtained the "Explosion-proof Qualification Certificate" after the inspection contract by the state-designated explosion-proof product inspection unit. The explosion-proof marks are ExdⅡBT4 and ExdⅡCT4 respectively.
② This product is suitable for places where the explosion transfer capacity in the factory is not higher than IIB or IIC, and the ignition temperature group is T1-T4 group of combustible gas or explosive gas mixture formed by steam and air. Zone or Zone 2 (see GB3836.2-2000 for details).
③The working level of this product is intermediate.


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