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(Tundish crane)

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The tundish crane is a kind of metallurgical crane. It is used for the installation, lifting and maintenance of the continuous casting and pouring tundish, and it can also be used for the lifting and maintenance of the sector equipment.

The tundish crane is generally used to lift the tundish containing a small amount of molten steel slag. In special circumstances, or when the continuous casting machine fails, it must meet the tundish capacity that can lift a large amount of molten steel or even a full package of molten steel.

Weihua relies on leading industry technology, largest-scale manufacturing, 34 years of industry knowledge in R&D, production, construction, and service, and the accumulation of experience in millions of cases in 130 countries and regions. Advantages, according to the use environment of the steel industry and the characteristics of the tundish and sector equipment, to provide you with safe, efficient and absolutely competitive metallurgical tundish crane products, and to customize services according to your individual needs to meet your various needs , for your safety, increased efficiency and cost savings.


Brief introduction of Weihua tundish crane

Weihua tundish crane is a kind of Weihua metallurgical crane. It is Weihua's superior product. It can help you easily deal with the installation, lifting and maintenance of continuous casting and pouring tundish. Transportation and maintenance work.

Weihua provides a safe, stable and efficient operation guarantee for your operation with a lot of case experience knowledge and advanced technology.

Weihua tundish cranes are generally double-girder bridge structures, and triple-girder bridge structures are used for special needs. The working level is generally A6.

For Weihua tundish cranes, the lifting capacity depends on the capacity of the tundish. In order to ensure the normal continuity of the operation, the tundish capacity is generally taken as 20% to 40% of the ladle capacity, the small capacity ladle is calculated as 40%, and the large capacity ladle is calculated as 20%. The conventional lifting capacity of the tundish crane is less than 160 tons.

Weihua tundish crane features

① Double or triple beam structure.

②Safe, reliable, efficient and stable.

③The spreader can be changed flexibly.

④ High cost performance and simple maintenance.

⑤Anti-sway system, intelligent control system, equipment running level.

⑥The equipment is manufactured in FEM/DIN European standard.

⑦Key electrical systems are matched with international big brands.

⑧Intelligent monitoring system to monitor the working status of the crane in real time.

⑨The key system adopts sufficient redundancy design to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment.

Some performance cases of Weihua

ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steel mill, is an old customer of Weihua and will sign another 110 million order in 2021

British Sheffield International Forging, Malaysia United Steel Corporation, India Electric Steel Corporation, etc. are all old customers of Weihua

Chinese steel giants Baosteel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Hegang, Shandong Iron and Steel, Shougang, Wuhan Iron and Steel, etc., as well as 80% of China's iron and steel enterprises are long-term customers of Weihua.

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