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Gantry Crane for Maglev Train Handling

(Gantry Crane for Maglev Train Handling)

Gantry Crane for Maglev Train Handling
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The Gantry Crane for maglev train handling is a Double Girder Gantry Crane for the installation and commissioning of high-speed 600km/h maglev trains, is responsible for the production and lifting work of the train project. The gantry crane has the characteristics of light self-weight, small wheel pressure, maintenance-free, stable operation, low noise, saving plant space, energy saving and environmental protection. Weihua provides all kinds of Project Crane, Container Crane, Overhead Crane, Electric Hoist and Crane Components, etc.

On May 23, China's 600 km/h high-speed maglev train launching in Qingdao. This is a big breakthrough of high-speed maglev technology in China. As an emerging high-speed traffic mode, high-speed maglev train has the advantages of high speed, safety and reliability, low noise, low vibration, large passenger capacity, punctuality and low maintenance.

In recent years, Weihua intelligent cranes are easily found in machinery, metallurgy, mining, electric power, water conservancy, aerospace, railway, port, petroleum, chemical and other industries, serving many large enterprises and key projects in China and overseas, such as launching of Shenzhou spaceships, Long March rockets, and Tiangong detectors successfully.

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