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Ordinary crane products will generate a large number of fine particles during operation, which cannot meet the cleanliness requirements of high-precision electronics industry, food industry, aviation industry and other industries in special workshops. Our company has been actively developing safe, clean, compact, reliable and efficient material handling solutions. After years of hard work and testing, our company has developed a series of cranes suitable for clean space environments, suitable for precision machinery, Microelectronics, medical equipment, food, bioengineering, laboratory, solar film, battery pack, photovoltaic, LCD panel, aerospace industry, high-purity chemical industry, atomic energy industry, opto-magnetic products and other clean workshop environments.


Safe and reliable

The requirements for component selection of clean cranes are much higher than those of ordinary crane products, and customized hoisting motors to reducers are used.

Compact structure

Lightweight, modular and compact, providing customers with better material solutions. According to the unique structural characteristics inside the clean room, the ingenious design of the components enables the trolley to lift loads of the same height from different directions.

Precise positioning

The smooth and precise operation of the crane ensures that the components are free from vibrations and fluctuations in themselves or in the environment

Clean and environmentally friendly

According to the strict requirements of dust-free space, on the one hand, the clean crane selects parts that are not easy to generate particles, and on the other hand, closes the moving parts that may generate tiny particles to prevent particles from leaking out and contaminating other workpieces or products in the workshop. At the same time, the maintenance-free design is adopted for the parts that need to be lubricated, such as bearings, and leak-proof measures are adopted to ensure that there is no oil dripping.

Clean treatment measures
  • Stainless steel or chrome-plated hook, German standard design, small size, beautiful appearance,
  • Avoid rust contamination of the clean room
  • The chain box is made of stainless steel or nylon with good plasticity and compression resistance. Corrosion and wear resistant
  • The chain adopts the original nickel-plated alloy steel load chain, the chain cover has a dust cover, and the dust cover is made of three-proof cloth, the compression size is small, and the impact on the upper limit size is small, which can effectively avoid oil pollution.
  • The main body of the hoist adopts a stainless steel protective cover, which can effectively prevent the dust and oil on the main body of the hoist from falling to the ground and achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Running mechanism

  • The motor and reducer adopt fully enclosed design, compact structure, no oil leakage, maintenance-free design
  • The running wheels are made of stainless steel or high-strength nylon to minimize the particles generated by friction
  • The bearings and relative moving parts of the wheel set are designed with a fully enclosed maintenance-free structure
  • An oil pan is designed under the operating mechanism to prevent the oil particles from falling off the operating mechanism to the greatest extent.
  • The rails of large and small cars are made of stainless steel square steel rails according to the cleanliness and needs, and stainless steel plates can also be used as rails, which will not rust due to long-term use and will not pollute the environment
  • The buffers are made of high-performance casting elastomers, which are resistant to acid and alkali, anti-aging, and are not easily damaged the bridge after impact.
  • Fully enclosed design, special surface treatment, special anti-static coating, which can effectively prevent self-generated pollution particles and prevent external pollution particles from adsorbing
  • According to different industries and environments, the steel structure can also be made of stainless steel
  • The surface of the bridge is painted with anti-static paint, which has anti-corrosion and oil-resistant properties, and has an electrostatic grounding device, which will not absorb dust due to static electricity.
  • The parts in contact with the operating structure are made of stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and will not rust and pollute the environment.
  • The main connecting parts are made of stainless steel bolts or Dacromet bolts, with beautiful appearance and no rust

Electronic control system

  • The electrical control system is designed with a protection level not lower than IP55, and the surface is sprayed with plastic or made of stainless steel
  • The power supply of the trolley adopts the towline specially designed for the clean room, which has the characteristics of safety, low noise and wear resistance. The towline guide groove is made of stainless steel.
  • The power supply of the cart adopts a tubular sliding contact line, the friction part is placed inside the sliding line, and a dust-proof groove is added at the outer opening to prevent dust from overflowing
  • Due to the requirements of the environment, to reduce the probability of friction as much as possible, it is recommended to use remote control for the operation mode of clean cranes.
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Cleanliness level standard

In a unit volume of air in a clean space, the classification standard is based on the maximum concentration limit of particles greater than or equal to the considered particle size. Air cleanliness refers to the amount of suspended particles in the air in a clean environment. Generally, the higher the dust concentration in the air, the lower the air cleanliness, and the lower the dust concentration, the higher the air cleanliness. The air cleanliness level is determined by the maximum allowable number of particles per cubic meter of air.

Cleanliness (N) Greater than or equal to the maximum concentration limit for particle sizes in the table USA Standards
  0.1um 0.2um 0.3um 0.5um 1um 5um  
1 10 2          
2 100 24 10 4      
3 1000 237 102 35 8   1
4 10000 2370 1020 352 83   10
5 100000 23700 10200 3520 832 29 100
6 1000000 237000 102000 35200 8320 293 1000
7       352000 83200 2930 10000
8       3520000 832000 29300 100000
9       35200000 8320000 293000  

You can choose it or you tell us your working conditions and our engineers will recommend you the suitable according to your actual situation.

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