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Nuclear Crane & nuclear polar crane

(Nuclear Crane & nuclear polar crane)

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The nuclear polar crane (nuclear polar cranes) is our key product and also a special kind of crane. After more than 30 years of development, our customers have spread all over the world and become a trusted manufacturer of nuclear polar cranes. Our cranes include nuclear crane, nuclear overhead crane, nuclear gantry crane. Nuclear gantry crane (nuclear polar crane)  tonnage includes 50ton--800ton nuclear gantry crane and 50ton--800ton nuclear overhead crane. Believe that we will become the most trusted nuclear gantry crane manufacturer and nuclear overhead crane factory in the world.

Weihua provides special cranes for special industry use. The crane for nuclear power (nuclear polar crane) is mainly used in nuclear power plant for nuclear power plant construction and nuclear power daily working. 

Nuclear power crane (nuclear polar crane) can be remote control. It is designed with single fault protection and multiple redundancy protection. Every drive mechanism has enough Starting torque to ensure safety running in case of one-side bearing Max. wheel load. Enough Strength calculation of components and enough protection measures for crane structures. Accurate (±5mm) positioning for trolleys and hoist beam. There is 3d positioning display system for ring rail crane to display the exact position of the hook.

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Lifting Capacity 130 t
Work Duty A4
Span m 20 22 24
Lifting Height Main Hoist m 10 up rail 30 below rail 10 up rail 30 below rail 10 up rail 30 below rail
Speed Lifting Main Hoist m/min 0.37~3.7~6 0.37~3.7~6 0.37~3.7~6
Traveling Crane Traveling m/min 1.4~14 1.4~14 1.4~14
Trolley Traveling m/min 2.5~25 2.5~25 2.5~25
Dimensions mm L1 1750
L2 1910
H1 1020
B 10500
B1 16180
b1 1250
b2 1250
W 6500
D 3000
Max. Wheel Pressure 275 283 295
Steel Rail Recommended QU80
Power Supply 3 phase 50Hz 380V
Max. Diameter of Cutter 6.3

You can choose it or you tell us your working conditions and our engineers will recommend you the suitable according to your actual situation.

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