Intelligent Crane

Why Use an Automated Crane?

Eliminate fatigue from repetitive movement of operators

Increase cycle time on time sensitive pick and place applications

Ensure accuracy of pick and placement of expensive product

Remove operators from toxic areas

Operators can control cranes from remote safe areas

Weihua AICrane series products adopt 5G communication, artificial intelligence, digital twin, big data, industrial Internet and other technologies, and adopt modular, open, and generalized advanced software design concepts, which can be applied to steel mills, cement industry, and waste incineration industry , Winery and other heavy material handling scenarios.

Weihua AICrane series products are not only equipped with high-precision anti-shake, positioning, laser scanning and other hardware systems, but also have a control system with powerful functions, rich information, and smooth operation, which can easily meet various needs of intelligent material handling.

Application scenarios of automated cranes:

Weihua independently researches and develops anti-sway precise automatic positioning control technology, uses computer to control the operation of key components, reduces the swing angle to within 0.2°, and the anti-sway effect reaches Class I, reducing the swing range by 95%, which is the world's first, It fills up the technical gap in this field and transforms the crane into a "lifting robot".

In order to meet the daily production needs of cranes, Weihua usually designs four operating modes: fully automatic, semi-automatic, remote manual, and on-site manual.

In the remote control center input (manual input or factory MES system input) on-duty operation tasks, the crane automatically completes the loading and storage work.

Semi-automatic: Manually select the semi-automatic working mode in the remote control center, and manually select the material grabbing point and feeding point on the man-machine interface to complete the one-key operation.

Remote manual: with the help of video monitoring system, manually operate the various mechanisms of the crane in the remote control center to complete various actions such as lifting, grabbing, and walking.

On-site manual: Configure the remote control as the operation in the crane inspection state.

The automation of material handling equipment plays an essential role in steel and pulp and paper plants. Highly-efficient, manpower-saving devices are essential plant components that ensure optimal performance and reliability throughout the entire production line.

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