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   Charging and Teeming cranes are core machines for the Steel Making process. They are designed for heavy / extra-heavy duty operation and settled to guarantee availability of more than 99%. Charging and Teeming cranes are used to feed the electric arc furnace (EOF) in the charging bay of as well as to transfer the steel ladle to the turret station of continuous casting machine (CCM) or to the ladle furnace (LF). The same type of crane is used to transfer hot metal into the basic oxygen furnace (BOF) vessels.

    Metallurgical cranes are the central product and key product of Weihua Group. The design and construction of metallurgical cranes can only be completed through discussions and finalization between manufacturers and customers. We have always maintained customer demand as the first industry requirement.

    Meet customer requirements and guarantee the safety of production in the metallurgical industry.

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    The teeming crane is the main equipment in the steel-making and continuous casting process, mainly used for lifting and transferring liquid ladle.From the overall structure, it has types of double beam & double track crane, four beam & four track crane, and four beam & six track crane.The first two types are generally used for medium and large capacity casting cranes, and the third one is generally used for extra-large capacity casting cranes.The teeming crane designed and manufactured by our company has the characteristics of advanced technology, novel structure, safe and reliable, economical and durable, and simple maintenance.In addition, WEIHUA teeming crane has optional functions such as rotatable spreader, variable hook distance gantry hook, load weighing and so on.

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