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Weihua 300T Overhead Crane for Steel Foundry Plant

Date: 2021-08-10 13:31:22 Source: Weihua Crane

On May 18th, the Capacity Upgrade Project of an Iron and Steel Company blast furnace was successfully ignited. The project entered the stage of full-line production, opening a new chapter in the optimization of the layout, transformation and upgrading of the iron and steel industry in Henan Province.

Weihua made several capacity 300t overhead cranes for its steel foundry plant. These cranes are with four-girder four-track structure, which is for the task of foundry process transfer, converter charging, refining and molten steel receiving.

Features of Weihua Foundry Cranes:

1. Overall processing
The overall annealing and overall processing of the main hoisting frame ensure the installation accuracy of gears, bearings, motors, brakes, etc., with low noise, smoothness and no impact; the overall processing of the bridge frame ensures product wheel line accuracy and more stable operation.

2. Life service life
The detachable plate hook lining makes longer service life of the spreader.

3. Dual transformer mode
The transformer adopts the dual transformer mode of power transformer + auxiliary transformer.

4. Double Regulate
The whole crane is equipped with a backup redundant system. When a certain mechanism fails, the backup system can be quickly switched to ensure that the equipment does not stop and operates safely for 24 hours.

5. Safety projection warning
The system is equipped with a safety projection warning device, which can effectively remind ground personnel to perform safe operations when driving.

6. Safety management system
Analyze the crane's operating status, working hours and usage times of wearing parts to facilitate equipment maintenance.

7. Multiple security protection
The boarding gate is equipped with a permanent magnet door switch, and a deceleration stop alarm system is designed in the corresponding operating mechanism.

8. Compact structure layout
The control system has a compact structure layout, which satisfies the application functions of short-span cranes.

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