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Single girder semi-gantry crane

(Single girder semi-gantry crane)

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Single girder semi-gantry crane

Semi-gantry crane is a form of gantry crane. The outriggers have height difference. It only has one side of the support leg to walk on the ground track, and the other side is the same as the end beam of the bridge crane and walks on the support track.

Due to the limitations of the site or production environment, when bridge cranes or gantry cranes are not ideally competent, semi-gantry cranes will be your ideal and economical choice. Compared with the bridge crane, it can save you the complicated installation process, and save the investment and space. Compared with the door crane, it can save you more production space cost.

Weihua relies on leading industry technology, largest-scale manufacturing, 34 years of industry knowledge in R&D, production, construction, and service, and the accumulation of experience in millions of cases in 130 countries and regions. Advantages, according to your different needs and operating environments, we provide you with a full range of single-girder semi-gantry cranes, and can customize services according to your individual needs to meet your various applications and bring you safety, improved efficiency and savings. cost.

Brief introduction of Weihua single girder semi-gantry crane

Weihua single girder semi-gantry crane is a kind of Weihua semi-gantry crane. Weihua semi-gantry crane has two forms: single girder and double girder. (50) tons.

Weihua single-girder semi-gantry cranes are widely used in the hoisting work of many indoor and outdoor industries.

Weihua single girder semi-gantry crane features

① Can be installed under the existing bridge crane

② Can save cost compared with full gantry crane

③ Can operate indoors and outdoors

④ The lifting capacity of a single beam can reach 20 (12.5) tons, and the span is 30 meters

⑤ Remote control via cable connection or wireless

Weihua single girder semi-gantry crane advantages

①Can be installed under the existing bridge crane

②Achieving efficient operation in the job

③Ensures high performance even in tight spaces

④ Both indoor and outdoor operation

⑤ Effectively promote internal logistics work

⑥ Optional flashlight door or wireless remote control system

⑦It can also be equipped with two hoists or two trolleys

Weihua semi-gantry cranes are safe, efficient, cost-effective, customized on demand, and delivered quickly to meet your individual needs.

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