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Casting Overhead Crane

(Casting Overhead Crane)

Casting Overhead Crane
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Casting bridge crane is the main equipment in the continuous casting process of steelmaking, and it is mainly responsible for the lifting and transportation of molten metal in steelmaking plants and ironmaking plants.

Weihua Casting Overhead Crane is Weihua's superior product. ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steel mill, is an old customer of Weihua, and will sign another 110 million order in 2021; British Sheffield International Forging, Malaysia United Steel, Indian Electric Steel Corporation, etc. are also old customers of Weihua.


With 34 years of experience in crane research and development, manufacturing, construction and service, knowledge accumulation of millions of cases, and the advantage of being the first in China's door and bridge crane sales for 14 consecutive years, Weihua is based on industry-leading technology, the largest manufacturing scale and rapid The absolute competitiveness of delivery, serving Chinese steel giants Baosteel, Anshan Iron and Steel, Hegang, Shandong Iron and Steel, Shougang, Wuhan Iron and Steel, etc., has won a 50% share of cranes in China's metallurgical market, and an 80% share of cast bridge cranes over 300 tons.

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Brief Introduction of Weihua Foundry Overhead Crane

Weihua Foundry Bridge Crane is mainly used for converting molten iron into converter charging span to converter, hoisting molten steel ladle to refining furnace in refining span, and hoisting molten steel to ladle on continuous casting ladle turntable in molten steel receiving span lifting operation.

Weihua has 34 years of knowledge and experience in a large number of metallurgical lifting application cases, and is very familiar with the complex and dangerous operating environments such as high temperature, smoke, dust, gas, noise, vibration, low visibility, electromagnetic radiation, and moving object hazards in steel plants, and is familiar with ladle Lifting operations with large loads, heavy, dangerous, severe working conditions and absolute safety requirements.

These valuable experiences make Weihua casting bridge cranes have their own strong advantageous genes in terms of safety, stability and convenience, which can help you easily cope with various complex and harsh working conditions in steel plants.

Weihua casting bridge cranes can be divided into: four-girder six-track double small car, four-beam four-track double small car, double-girder four-track double small car, double-girder double-track child-mother car, double-girder double-track single small car and so on.

Four-beam six-track double-small model, generally used for extra-large tonnage casting cranes. Other forms are generally used for medium and large tonnage casting cranes. We can also customize services for your special needs according to your different needs and operating environments to meet your various applications, improve safety, save costs and increase benefits for you.

Weihua creates reliable safety, stability and convenience for operation and maintenance for all cranes

Weihua Casting Overhead Crane Features

①The main hoisting mechanism is fast, which can meet the requirements of efficient production;

②Speed ​​adjustment can be carried out by stator pressure adjustment and motor frequency conversion;

③Anti-sway system, precise positioning system, intelligent control system, the equipment runs smoothly;

④The equipment is manufactured according to FEM/DIN European standard;

⑤The key electrical systems are matched with international big brands, and the equipment has the function of communication detection, which can detect the working status of each station in real time;

⑥Intelligent monitoring system to monitor the working status of the crane in real time;

⑦The key system adopts sufficient redundancy design to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment;

⑧With wireless transmission and electronic scale, it can transmit the weight of liquid metal in real time;

⑨The electrical room is equipped with cooling equipment to ensure the safe and reliable operation of electrical equipment;

⑩Mother and child trolley, realize unmanned automatic hanging of ladle, save cost;

⑪The overall design is light and compact, with low height, light weight, small hook limit and large working range;

⑫The total power of the crane is small, the energy consumption is low, the lifting is stable, the impact is small, and the maintenance cost is low;

⑬Reasonable structure, safe and reliable, cost-effective, long service life, convenient maintenance, etc.

Weihua's comprehensive advantages can help you improve operational safety, efficiency and overall market competitiveness

Weihua Foundry Overhead Crane Advantages

①The speed control mode is optional, PLC programming controller, fault detection, display and recording are optional;


②The motor has class H insulation, anti-condensation heater and thermal protection sensor for long service life;

③ Minimize errors and increase efficiency through the automation of motion limiters and repetitive motions;

④The main electrical is placed inside the main beam, which prolongs the life of electrical components and reduces electrical control failures;

⑤Visual monitoring of operating status, overspeed monitoring of main lifting mechanism, intelligent detection of key data and communication transmission functions;

⑥Multiple safety functions such as limit switch, emergency stop switch, overload protection and anti-vandal protection;

⑦The key system adopts sufficient redundancy design to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment;

⑧The traversing machinery is divided into two groups of redundancy; in case of emergency, the crane can complete the entire operation cycle or a motor with half-speed drive for continuous operation;

⑨Energy recovery function, save energy consumption and improve operation efficiency;

⑩Intelligent, anti-swing, target positioning, convenient operation, accurate and fast operation;

⑪Various types of spreaders can be replaced to flexibly achieve various application and operation purposes;

⑫ According to needs, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic configuration options can be selected;

⑬Multiple security guarantees, the electronic control core is matched with international big brands;

⑭Can provide remote service guidance to quickly solve various problems;

⑮Safe and stable, fast and stable, convenient maintenance, high cost performance, easy to deal with various complex metallurgical dangerous environments.

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You can choose it or you tell us your working conditions and our engineers will recommend you the suitable according to your actual situation.

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