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Ship To Shore Crane / STS Crane

(Ship To Shore Crane / STS Crane)

Ship To Shore Crane / STS Crane
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The ship to shore crane is a special lifting equipment for loading and unloading container ships at the front of the container terminal. Its design and manufacture comply with international general standards such as FEM, DIN, IEC, AWS, and GB. The sihp to shore container crane is mainly composed of electrical control system, steel structure, machine room, main hoisting mechanism, trolley operating mechanism, trolley operating mechanism, boom tilting mechanism, trolley assembly, maintenance crane, tilting mechanism, and hanging protection device And other necessary safety and auxiliary devices. The main hoisting mechanism, trolley operating mechanism, boom tilting mechanism, and trolley operating mechanism all adopt unique digital AC frequency conversion, PLC control speed regulation unique technology, flexible control and high precision. And equipped with various specifications of single box double box container special spreader and optional mechanical or electronic anti-shake function. The main product specifications are 35t, 41t, 51t, 65t.

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Rated productivity priority t/h 600~2500
Lifting Capacity t 16, 32 , 55
Lifting Height m Above Rail 18~24 Below Rail 1
Proportion of material stack t/m³ 0.9~3.0
Max Outreach m 20~55
Track Gauge m 17, 30
Wheel Base m 12, 17
Lifting/Closing Speed m/min 100~150
Trolley Traveling Speed m/min 120~150
Pitching Time min 5
Crane Traveling Speed m/min 20
Max Wheel Load KN 200
Power Supply 10KV, 50Hz, 3Phase

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