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Delivery of 320t Crane Reducer

Delivery of 320t Crane Reducer

Product categories: Crane Reducer

Capacity: 320T

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Project Background

Recently, Weihua Group successfully developed a heavy duty 320T crane reducer delivered to user. The reducer length 10m, height 2.2m, width 1.3m. It adopts hard-toothed gear transmission technology and reaches China advanced level. The reducer has the features of large carrying capacity, high transmission precision, convenient installation, long service life and simple maintenance, and the structure adopts double-input and double-outlet form, and the middle connection is by the meshing wheel to realize synchronization at both ends.


The traditional metallurgical crane usually has 2 reducers connected by coupling to realize the synchronous lifting of the two reels. This form has higher requirements on the processing, installation and debugging accuracy of the trolley, and the system rigid is not enough. While the 320T crane reducer greatly enhances the mechanical transmission accuracy, reduces the probability of parts failure, and improves the crane operating efficiency.


Together with the H series hardened gear reducer, new K series, F series gear reducer and new European crane lightweight reducer series, the 320T crane reducer is another Boutique of Weihua Brands. This product meets the users’ demand for high precision gearbox. It is of great significance in the lifting industry and in general-purpose machine.

The advent of the 320T crane reducer represents our ability to produce a wide range of 200-500 tons of large metallurgical cranes. Weihua will continue to strengthen technology research and development and innovation, maintaining quality and service advantages in crane parts and transmission machinery products.


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