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Cooperation between Weihua and ArcelorMittal

Cooperation between Weihua and ArcelorMittal

Product categories: bridge cranes

Capacity: 250T

Application country: Ukraine

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Project Background

ArcelorMittal is a global steel group headquartered in Luxembourg. It is the world's largest steel producer and is a market leader in automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging. It has a large supply of raw materials and operates a wide distribution network. ArcelorMittal ranked 99th in the world top 500 companies.

Weihua provided 14 cranes for ArcelorMittal, including two 250-ton metallurgical ladle cranes, four 80-ton double-girder bridge cranes, two 25-ton grab cranes and six 25-ton electromagnetic cranes. These 14 cranes are all used in the new steelmaking workshop of the Ukrainian branch of the ArcelorMittal Group, which is now in fully operation.

The cranes designed and manufactured for the ArcelorMittal Group are all with Siemens control systems and Siemens inverters. All motors are from ABB. The gear reducers are all from SEW. The brakes are all from SIBRE.


Two 250-ton ladle cranes for steelmaking foundry


Four 80-ton double girder bridge cranes for the transfer shop


Six 25-ton electromagnetic cranes are used in the billet finished product workshop

All of the 14 cranes are designed and manufactured by Weihua independently, and the installation and commissioning are independently guided by Weihua team at the construction site in Ukraine, and then are accepted by owners. The successful completion of the project is an important milestone in Weihua's response to the China Belt and Road strategy. It also marks Weihua's efforts in the field of cranes in Eastern Europe.



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