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Electrolytic Aluminum Multifunctional Crane

(Electrolytic Aluminum Multifunctional Crane)

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The electrolytic aluminum multifunctional crane is the key process equipment for the production of large-scale prebaked anode electrolytic aluminum. The crane can work in the environment containing HF corrosive gas, alumina powder, fluoride salt, carbon dust powder, asphalt smoke, high molten salt, and strong magnetic field. It has the functions of cracking electrolyte encrustation, replacing anode, adding alumina powder and electrolyte, lifting and transporting aluminum ladle and tapping water and slag, lifting the anode bus frame assists in lifting the anode bus, lifting the electrolytic cell and the upper structure of the cell during installation and maintenance, cleaning and soot blowing of the track, and sporadic lifting in the workshop.

Multifunctional Crane for Electrolytic Aluminum is mainly composed of crane & trolley travelling mechanism, hydraulic and electric control mechanism, feeding mechanism, slagging mechanism, the anode replace mechanism, shelling mechanism and aluminium discharging mechanism.

The whole crane system adopts frequency conversion and PLC control. The operation adopts cabin room or remote control operation, and the two operation modes can cooperate with each other or be controlled independently. Electrolytic aluminum crane has been widely used in the electrolytic aluminum industry.

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