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Weihua Crane went to many project sites at home and abroad

Date: 2022-02-10 08:54:10 Source: Weihua Crane

Weihua Crane's New Year's Departure Ceremony was grandly held

Shipping vehicles are neatly arranged

With long-lasting blessings and missions

Departing to multiple project locations at home and abroad

The beginning of the new year

Weihua Co., Ltd. has signed orders of more than 100 million yuan with customers such as China Communications First Aviation Bureau, Fujian Qingtuo, Xuzhou Port, Gulinlang Wine, Ganglu Iron and Steel, Xinwu'an Iron and Steel

The types of products in the contract involve new Chinese bridge cranes, new Chinese gantry cranes, container gantry cranes, bulk material conveying equipment, etc.

In particular, a Ukrainian steel plant project has a large export order exceeding 100 million yuan
21 Weihua new Chinese intelligent cranes have become a beautiful "transcript" of Weihua's international business

The contract value of Weihua's orders in January increased by 39% compared with the same period last year

The improvement of Weihua's comprehensive strength is accompanied by the further expansion of market performance in many industries.

In the metallurgical industry, Weihua's new products have gradually opened up a larger market

Weihua semi-gantry special feeding crane

Weihua YZ450t, YZ500t casting crane

Weihua MGY160T four-beam metallurgical gantry crane


After the Weihua Crane Intelligent Industrial Park was fully put into operation, the production and manufacturing capacity has improved qualitatively, and the execution cycle has been continuously refreshed and accelerated.

In January 2022, the export of Weihua new Chinese gantry crane for a project in Indonesia and Weihua new Chinese bridge gantry for a Hangzhou steam turbine project will speed up the production cycle to 10 days.

Once again refreshed the production cycle record of Weihua's new Chinese-style door and bridge cranes

In the continuous informatization construction of Weihua Co., Ltd., it is believed that more records will be set in the future.



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