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Weihua Production Capacity of Crane Trolleys +500t Make Great Progress

Date: 2021-08-10 13:46:59 Source: Weihua Crane

A few days ago, another heavy equipment was officially put into use at Weihua Crane Intelligent Industrial Park. A 16m×8m×6m heat treatment annealing furnace for heavy structural parts successfully realized the overall annealing of a 320t metallurgical trolley.

As the core process and processing technology of large metallurgical cranes, this large annealing furnace can meet the annealing treatment of various structural parts of large metallurgical cranes with capacity above 500t, and the equipment processing capacity has reached the leading level in the lifting industry.

1. Precise temperature control
The furnace temperature control accuracy is ±3℃, and the furnace temperature uniformity in the same zone is ±10℃. It adopts PLC control mode to automatically realize multiple heating processes.

2. Intelligent control
Three-dimensional heat storage, zoned furnace temperature control, nozzle size and layout can be set according to actual needs, so that the workpiece is evenly heated in the furnace.

According to the product structure, Weihua has formulated a special annealing process, which can improve or eliminate various structural defects and residual stresses in the welding process, improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the workpiece, prevent fatigue deformation damage and weld joint cracking, and eliminate Potential safety hazards to ensure the dimensional stability of each organization.


Overall processing capacity of large metallurgical crane reducer:

1.Full-size processing capacity
With large-scale CNC floor boring and milling machines with 260mm and 200mm spindles, CNC gantry boring and milling machines and other equipment, as well as corresponding processing tools, it has a full-size, high-precision processing capability coverage for large metallurgical crane structural parts of 300t-500t and above.

2.Combined process & combined processing
The processing mode is transformed from single-piece processing to combined processing, and the whole process quality control mode is constructed.

3.Overall machining accuracy
It can realize the combined processing of large components and full-size large area, multi-directional boring, milling, and drilling. The linear positioning accuracy is 0.02mm, the axis parallel accuracy of each hole system is 0.015mm, and the flatness of the joint surface is good.

Weihua carried out many metallurgy crane projects for many big steel plants in China and overseas.

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