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Crane Cable Carrier

(Crane Cable Carrier)

Crane Cable Carrier
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The crane cable carrier is used for the suspension and movement of the cables of the crane for mobile power supply, which has been widely used in various lifting machinery with the features of sturdy structure, mobile and flexible, Safe and reliable. This cable carrier can hold flat cable and round cable, running under C-rail or I-rail.

The cable carrier is device helping power supply of the crane trolley or hoist. It is composed of walking wheels, brackets, and pallets. The cable is hold on the pallet, and the traction frame is synchronized with the cable trolley to achieve the power supply for the trolley. Weihua cable carriers are divided into medium load type, heavy load type and light load type. Therefore, the wheels are Ф80, Ф63 and Ф50. And the load capacity is ≤50∽150kg. The pallet layers can be single Layer, double layer, and triple layer. The carrier at the head end is a tractor carrier, the end is a fixed cable rack, and the middle is the cable trolley.


1. After the fixed cable rack is installed, a baffle should be hung on the back;

2. Adjust the traction head so that the trolley does not touch the upper and lower edges of the traction hole during the entire travel;

3. The cable length is 1.2 times of the span of the crane and plus 8 meters.

4. Adjust the traction wire rope so that its length is less than the length of the same section of the cable. The traction wire rope is stressed during operation.

5. When the cable diameters are not equal, the cable clamps should be padded with soft rubber so that the outer diameters are basically the same in order to clamp the cables.

6. When laying cables, consider the balanced force on both sides of the cable support plate.

7. When the cable carrier has two or three layers, the requirements are the same.

8. The double washer on the carrier is an adjusting washer. When the guide rail is not suitable, put the washer on the inner side of the fixed plate to adjust the width of the gauge. It is made according to the guide rail specifications 100*68*4.5, 120*74 *5, 140*80*5, 160*88*6. Non-standard pulleys are processed according to drawings.

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