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Born of Rotary Scrap Charging Crane

Date: 2019-06-10 18:30:37 Source: Weihua Crane

In the crane industry, it is known that crane is able to operate to 6 directions: up and down, left and right, front and rear. But do you know the rotating scrap charging crane? Now I take you on a new skill of the rotary scrap charging crane.


The advent of rotary feeding crane solves the problems of space limitation of production workshop, large tilting angle of material trough and big tonnage of scrap charging. It has the features of 270 degree rotation, strong operability, high safety factor, high stability and low friction, which is suitable for the metallurgy and steel industry.


After knowing this crane, you must be curious about its background? Next, I will tell you about this crane 'born' history.

Facing the challenges:

1. The trough is close to the wall, so the hook can only work in a small space;

2. The opposite side of the cabin is a flame-covered ladle, and the structure has high requirements for fire resistance and heat resistance;

3. All dumping of the scrap is required at one time, and the tipping angle of the trough shall be more than 60 degrees.


The Weihua Technology R&D team has overcome many technical problems and finally completed the design, fabrication and delivery. Weihua's first rotary scrap charging crane was successfully launched, and successfully carried out the running test of this special equipment. This project is a new breakthrough in product research and development in the steel feeding industry.


It is reported that due to the stable performance of the rotary feeding crane, another one is required and will soon be 'born'.


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