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The difference between metallurgical cranes and ordinary cranes

Date: 2021-10-28 17:23:48 Source: Weihua Crane

With the requirements of energy conservation, environmental protection and economy, the production efficiency of the foundry industry continues to improve, and the demand for bridge cranes for transporting molten metal is increasing. Such cranes are generally called metallurgical cranes, ladle cranes, and casting cranes.

ladle cranes

Ladle cranes is currently developing towards a humanized design of large weight, light weight, high efficiency, low maintenance, and easy operation, providing semi-automatic and fully automatic intelligent control methods. Metallurgical cranes work in harsh environments with high temperature, high dust and even harmful gases. The particularity of the working environment determines the difference between the manufacturing process of metallurgical cranes and ordinary cranes.

The utilization level and load status of Metallurgical cranes determine the working level of the crane, and the utilization level refers to the total number of working cycles of the crane during the service life. The crane design specification divides the utilization level of the crane into U0-U9 according to the different cycle times.
Metallurgical cranes generally have to work uninterrupted for a long time, so the utilization level should be greater than U6 level. The load status of the crane indicates the lifting degree of the crane, which is related to two factors, namely, the ratio of the lifted load to the rated load and the ratio of the number of actions of each lifting load to the total number of cycles. The full load and full load times of the metallurgical crane are very high, and the load status reaches Q3 and Q4, so the working level of the metallurgical crane needs to be between A6-A8.


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