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Weihua Group—Foundry + Electromagnetic Scrap Unmanned Crane

Date: 2022-02-14 13:13:13 Source: Weihua Crane

Scrap warehousing, transshipment, and processing are indispensable production scenarios for every steel mill

Traditional workshops face harsh working environments such as high temperature, dust and noise. Crane operators are labor-intensive, and there are huge safety risks in the cross-operation of multiple equipment.

The future AICrane software system in the cloud has powerful functions, rich information and smooth operation, combined with hardware systems such as high-precision anti-shake, positioning, laser scanning, etc.; it integrates advanced technologies such as 5G, digital twin, artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things to ensure that scrap steel is free from scrap. The human-crown car system continues to operate stably in the steel scrap preheating production line of a large steel mill, and is well received by customers

The project adopts 80/32T hook metallurgical electromagnetic bridge crane, with a span of 24.6m and a rail surface elevation of 29.26m. It incorporates leading anti-sway automatic positioning technology, running smoothly, accurately and reliably; 360-degree real-time monitoring, intelligent anti-collision, to ensure On-site personnel safety and equipment safety; the software adopts the future new generation AICraneWMSv3.0 warehouse management system in the cloud, and is matched with the original digital twin 3D screen of the lifting industry to realize all-round data management and intelligent scheduling; the intelligent 3D scanning system updates the on-site material data in real time , to ensure accurate and efficient lifting operations.

Weihua hook metallurgical electromagnetic bridge crane adopts the configuration of double hoisting mechanism, the main hoist is used for ladle handling, and the auxiliary hoist is intelligently operated to feed the scrap steel preheating production line. , do not interfere with each other.

The system is applied in the metallurgical workshop, and multiple cranes work together at high and low levels. The system ensures the safe and efficient operation of the cranes through the original multi-level security protection system in the cloud.

Through the effective electromagnet control strategy, the system can prevent accidental material leakage and magnetic discharge during the operation of the crane, and ensure the safety of on-site equipment and personnel.

The AICrane system arranges multiple cameras in the crane and important working positions of the workshop, 360 degrees without dead angle to view the scene, and the video delay is less than 200ms, which effectively supports the customer's remote manual operation.

The AICrane Digital Twins visualization platform independently developed by Weihua Cloud in the future realizes the two-dimensional and three-dimensional display of on-site data and can be switched freely. The system can be perfectly integrated with the future AICrane unmanned crane system in the cloud, sharing workshop and equipment data, and displaying process information such as logistics, warehousing, and tasks through flexible configuration. It can be widely used in process optimization, digital large screen, equipment monitoring, Workshop management and other application scenarios can fully meet the all-round needs of customers.

The system has on-site remote control, remote manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic operation modes, which can complete normal automatic operation and handle various needs such as special operations.

At present, Weihua Cloud's AICrane system in the future has been applied and implemented in many large steel mills in China, such as cold-rolled coils, bar storage, blast furnace slag grabbing, scrap loading, ladle transfer and other scenarios. The system is deeply integrated with production scenarios and runs smoothly. Reliable, breaking through the key technologies of heavy-duty logistics, assisting the transformation and upgrading of traditional steel mills with intelligent steel, meeting the needs of customers for digitalization, networking, and intelligence, and winning unanimous praise from customers.

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